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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Thank you for all the help with the selling of our house.  Even though it’s a sad day for us, it is a necessary thing we are doing.  We tried everything we could do to save our house, without success.  Then we called Pink Real Estate and asked for their help.  Their agents were very friendly and professional all through the process.  We are very thankful for the help.

- Steven Humphrey

Thank you for buying our house. It was a great relief to sell instead of having foreclosure.

Thank You.

- Joseph and Jessie Jones

Dear Russ and Monica,

Litton Loan was going to foreclose my home.  I started to panic and found Russ and Monica on the internet and called them for help to save my house and credit.  Russ took immediate action and scheduled an appointment that evening.  He came to the house and explained the short sale in detail.  He read us the contract for the short sale and we signed it.  Litton Loan in the meantime had sent me paperwork to do a loan modification.  I do beleive it was a stall tactic because they let me know that May 1st my house was going up for auction in a few days.  Litton kept promising me the loan mod was going to go through so I told Monica to take the house off the market but she recommended that we keep it active for the short sale.  Thank god we did Litton notified us 2 weeks before the foreclosure sale that the house was being foreclosed because the loan modification didn’t go through.  I told Monica to finish the short sale and within 1 week they accepted the short sale.  Thank god for Monica and Russ from the bottom of my heart, if it wasn’t for them we would have been homeless and the house would have foreclosed.  Litton gave us an additional 30 days to move out of the house and then we closed.  All I can say is Thank God for Russ and Monica and giving me enough time to move out and find a place to live.

- Betty Kline

I bought the home at 1735 Ascot Rd four years ago to provide a stable environment for my kids, especially my autistic son.  We had moved 7 times in 9 years due to crappy landlords.  The broker helping me at the time informed me of the flaws in loan but reassured me that if I paid for the two years it would be easy to refinance.  After 2 years I began trying with one denial after another due to debt to income ratios.  Finally my fiance applied and we were denied because the economy caused the value of my home to drop.  I tried a mortgage adjustment, again I was denied due to debt to income ratio.  My mortgage has risen from $825 all the way to $1150 soon to be almost $1300.  I can not afford the home.  Without a short sale my credit would have been ruined with a foreclosure.  Thank you for your help.

- Monika Archuleta

Monica was introduced to us early in our short sale negotiation process.  She worked tirelessly to get the job done, and had it not been for her, our house would have been foreclosed.  Monica is obviously very resourceful, and knowledgeable about the process.  We have genuinely appreciated her responsiveness, integrity, and skillfulness during a difficult time.  Monica is very well known in the community, and highly thought of, and she has always been very professional, and just the best.

- Joy F Brewer

I am so grateful to have met such extraordinary and wonderful people.  The atmosphere at Pink Realty is unparalleled to any workplace I have ever been in.  When all hope was lost, I gave up on selling my house.  Pink Realty sent a letter saying they would buy my house.  However, they were trying to sell my house.  In our first meeting, I ask Brian, “What are the chances of selling the house within 2 months before foreclosure?”  Brian gave me 10 to 20% chance.  I laughed and said it would take a miracle.  Brian said, “We never quit, and we keep working until the last minute.”  I took that comment for granted and looked at him as if he was crazy.  At closing, Monica told me she works on vacation as well.  The dedication is unbelievable, but the results cannot be denied.  There are certain situations in a person’s life when all hope is gone, and he or she thinks nothing else can be done.  Sometimes a person needs someone to help him or her situation, whether it’s a job, marriage, or life in general.  Pink Realty helped me and my family in a desperate situation.  I went from anguish and stress to astonish an overjoyed.  I thanked the Lord for this blessing and while I cannot offer much.  I give this genuine heartfelt thank you from the Stiles Family. Pink realty is truly inspirational.

Hi Monica,

I heard everything went well with the closing & it’s officially over.  I want to say thank you for all your help in this. Most people associate short sales with nightmares & you made the
process so nice & easy, you really did. We are so pleased we told a friend about you, and he will be calling you within the next month or so – hopefully you can help him as much as you helped Charles.  I’m guessing the title company will mail Charles’ check (if he’s still entitled to it, I don’t know!) so I emailed Jennifer, thanked her, and gave her Charles’ new address since he still hasn’t filled out a change of address form. =)

Take care!

- Susan Y. Hess

Sorry for it being so late, I actually forgot.  Life had become increasingly more unstable and I was facing foreclosure. One day I noticed a letter in the mail from Monica, who is the owner of pink real estate, regarding the possibility of someone purchasing my home rather than have my home go into foreclosure. Monica helped me submit all of the appropriate paperwork to my lender in order to choose another option that was much more feasible for my situation. Several months later my house was sold! I was very happy, relieved and blessed to have had other options and not have to go through a foreclosure. I was also very blessed to have a new home for me and my three small children to live in. I am truly and forever thankful to Monica and what pink realty was able to do for me and my children. Thank you.

- Malinda Hernandez

My Name is Vera and I am a single Mother of 2 beautiful girls. After trying to sell my house for nearly 2 Years without success I came across Pink Real Estate and thought “Ok, my broker is not working for me and he is just sitting on my listing, so I am going to talk to Pink Real Estate. I made an Appointment to speak to Pink Real Estate. I spoke to Claudia and she explained in detail on how she is going to help me sell my house, right then I knew I made the right decision because my old broker never explained anything to me. When I left I felt confident about me selling my house now. Within weeks, I had an offer, inspections and then I closed on my House. Pink Real Estate is by far the best Realty Company I have ever worked with, they truly care from the depth of their hearts and work endlessly in order to help People that struggle with selling and/or buying their Homes. If I ever decide to buy a House again, I would never go anywhere else then Pink Realty.

Thank you Claudia!!!!!!!!!!!

- Vera

Testimonial From Elena-Pink Real Estate
- Elena